• I want to buy your firearms. How can I purchase?

To get information about our distributors or dealers, please email to tisas@trabzonsilah.com


  • Which ammunition is recommended for use in my Tisas firearm?

Only use high quality manufactured ammunition in the same caliber with your firearm.


Never use reloaded, remanufactured or handloaded ammunition. It can cause death, serious injury or damage. Additionally, it voids your warranty.


+P+ is not suggested.


  • How do I send my firearm for repair?

Do not attempt to send back any firearm to us. All procedures regarding firearms are permit-required in Turkey. We are not allowed to get firearms back.


Please email to tisas@trabzonsilah.com for customer service.


  • What comes in the box when I purchase a new Tisas firearm?

All firearms come with two magazines, cleaning kit and user manual.


You can see the additional options in Accessories.


  • Does Tisas make cold forged barrel for all models?

Tisas is the only firearm company who produce barrel (cold forged) in its factory in Turkey.


All Tisas firearms have cold forged barrel.


  • How can I find spare parts for replacement of my Tisas firearm?

Please email to tisas@trabzonsilah.com for your inquiries.

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